A Cabbage Review: Pole Fitness

One of the many reasons I have not been updating regularly lately has been that I have fallen victim to a new hobby--pole fitness. I love it. I'm obsessed. I watch YouTube videos and try to make it a point to attend my class at least once a week. It's what I look forward to, and it's what drives me through the day and even the week.

The scary part is that I've found that not only do I enjoy it, but I actually have a knack for it. The gymnastics part of it at least... I won't lie... I struggle with the sexy part, but I'm slowly getting there. I have special workout attire and gear just for this hobby. Don't worry, expect a review on my purchases. The workout in itself, I recommend highly. I think every woman should give it a go. There's simply something empowering in knowing that if I'm falling, I can catch myself with my ankle or the crook of my leg.

It's also empowering to realize I'm sexy. I don't understand the many fitness courses that rename it as Vertical Fitness or some variation that attempts to disguise it's roots. It's pole dance. Strippers do it, and there is a reason the majority of them have amazing bodies. It's a workout. It's not easy. You will sweat. You will struggle. You will be covered in bruises, but you will be proud of every last one of them. You will be able to tell anyone who asks exactly what new move you achieved to come by that bruise.

I don't agree with anyone who belittles the exotic aspect of it. There is a 'dance' side to it, and guess what, that only makes it more of a workout to do each move and do it like it's nothing. To make it not only look easy, but graceful and sexy. So here's to all those ladies out there that either make a hobby of pole or do it for a living.


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