Many years ago, I started a two-year degree. Almost seven years later I still have not finished my masters, but yet this blog persistently exists. The Candid Cabbage was created in conjunction with an early research project on blogging and SEO. Under the moniker The Daily Cabbage, I blogged quite randomly with little direction or intention--and most certainly daily was a misnomer. (Obviously poor planning and poor SEO on my part, but remember this was a research/learning endeavor!)

Over time the blog found dating and relationships overtaking the topics, quite probably because I was beginning to actively seek a soul mate (LOL). Writing prior to the rise of feminist blogging, I found my approach to the topic frequently ill-received. In fact, I found dates aware of my blog seemingly perceived my very public opinions on dating and relationships to be a thrown gauntlet. Each date seemed to be an attempt to out-asshole the previous, perhaps either to test my conviction or to get five minutes of mediocre fame on a barely read blog. Wanting both a successful career (many topics are NSFW) and a successful love life, I abandoned The Daily Cabbage.

Not able to entirely abandon blogging, I've attempted many different blogs on various platforms--all written from only a single facet of myself. They are all mostly abandoned. And so, fast forward to now. In an epiphany moment, I realized the Cabbage has always been the closest to a true outpouring of myself, and being that in many ways I personally was still young and naive, so was my writing and approach to major topics. Now I'm back, and I'm ready.

I've rebranded from The Daily Cabbage to The Candid Cabbage. Though I primarily blog from personal experience and opinion, with this rebirth of the Cabbage my goal is to write identifiable content. To understand who I am is to understand who I attempt to identify with, and so here I am (highly abbreviated and in no particular order):

  • feminist
  • single mother
  • student (for life)
  • writing professional
  • internet junkie
  • trier of new things
  • tough ass cookie
Thank you to the loyal Cabbage fans who reminded me I have important (and humorous) sensibilities to share with anyone who will listen.