Why I Hate iPhones

In all honesty, it's really just because I don't have one and would really like to have one so I can be an iPhone asshole too. No really, I want to join your ranks, but in the meantime I'm going to bitch from the perspective of someone who has a regular phone.

So, you know how sometimes I take a cute picture and send it to all my friends and family? Yeah, that dirty response just went to my mom and coworkers because you replied to all. Oops! You're so not meeting my family now. In fact, I have no idea who sent that. Surely it was a wrong number.

My other beef with iPhones? They turn texting into messaging and some people are incapable of remembering the difference. Not a big deal if your computer beeps a few times while you aren't in the room, but my phone going off five times while I'm in the midst of work, a date, or sleep when I forget to put it on vibrate? Classic. At least on a date you just made me look quite in demand.

Arg, I'm just annoyed that these little mobile computers that make phone calls have shifted the texting paradigm and I get the fallout because I'm behind the technology curve. Please remember us in the stone age dear iPhone users!


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  1. Jordan14.12.12

    You should make getting an iPhone your top priority...join the dark side!!