The Cabbage Gets Dynamic

After thinking on how I've abandoned my blog so ruthlessly--only giving you delicious updates on an almost bimonthly status--I realized it was time for change. And so, I have decided to do yet another major refurbish of The Daily Cabbage.

I mentioned a potential name change in an earlier post, which will be the last of changes to occur should it come into fruition. Don't worry, it will still be Cabbage-y. The largest of changes I was thinking of implementing is the layout. After working very tirelessly to tweak the theme you all know and love, it's time to not only aim for something more sleek, but dynamic as well.

I honestly feel a more dynamic and personalized blog would be what brings The Daily Cabbage to the next level. I'm hoping to include a weekly (or more) Vlog update as well as many, many more pictures. Hopefully some actually taken by me.

But the thing I want to achieve the most with all these changes is interaction. It's the one thing The Cabbage sorely lacks. I know y'all are reading it. I see the stats! But very few of you are leaving me comments, telling me what you think, posting on my Facebook page... I really do want to know what you think. I welcome suggestions, stories, ideas. Seriously. I'm not as rabid as I pretend to be.


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