Am I the Only Sane One Left?

I'm to the point that I'm beginning to wonder if I'm truly missing something. How is it that I encounter so many nutjobs? Am I doing something wrong? Or is insanity simply the norm? Either way, I can't seem to escape it and encountered yet another dude totally off his mother's rocker.

To be honest, I have determined that this guy simply did not have enough experience with women to realize that jealousy tactics and jedi mind tricks only work on the weak minded. What's your thoughts? What was his ploy? Was there a ploy or was he simply just crazy?

The scope of his insanity was so beyond words that I felt I had to put it in video form. I hope you enjoy my rant and my gypsy costume from the Renaissance Festival. (And my messy room.)

Don't stare too hard at my boobs. They're smaller than they appear in YouTube.



  1. smaller, friendlier in 3-d!!

    seriously, great to meet ya, creepy guy was lawl creepy.

  2. Nice to meet you as well, Lance. Now everyone knows I'm not nearly as scary as I make myself sound.