I Know What Boys Like

That's right. I went to a strip club, and to be honest, I can actually see the appeal. I'm sorry, ladies. If you're wondering why your man wants to slip his singles in a stripper's g-string instead of buying you new shoes, you might want to actually check out a strip club. The bar has been raised, and even I realize I've got to pull out some of my old tricks to keep him paying attention.

For the longest time I heard some myth that most strippers were unattractive. I'm not sure if that rumor was started by men wanting to sooth their angry girlfriends or by women hoping to staunch the sting. Dude, strippers are hot. And, pssst, they're naked.

They also have insane tricks. Seriously.

I hate to say it, but stripping is probably the second oldest profession. (Prostitution being the first.) What keeps it alive? What keeps guys going back for 'something they can see at home?'

It's simple. It's the fantasy. (And the dead eyes. Hawt!)

Women regularly underestimate the power of their own bodies to hold a man's attention. Quite frankly, most women are attractive. There isn't some elite few who have attractive features. We all have something we can work, and the sooner we recognize it, the sooner we learn how to flaunt it at home, the sooner you can stop wondering what he's seeing there that he isn't seeing from you.

Men are very visually motivated, and women know how to be aesthetically captivating. Use it or lose it I say, which is precisely why I'll be signing up for a pole dancing class with my next pay check!



  1. I probably would be married by now if any of my girlfriends would have listened to you.

  2. Hah, well despite my advice and personal convictions to follow my own tidbits of wisdom, I'm still unmarried. :P