Set the Rain On Fire, Tell Your Worries Good-Bye

It really felt more like I was setting my legs on fire. I pushed myself harder than usual with tonight's run, mostly because I felt like I had more to push against this time. I recently made a major change in my birth control method. I no longer have to take a pill or change a ring or make an appointment for a shot or.... or... or...

I'm just friggin good to go whenever I motha fuckin want! (Note I said when I want. Not you. Don't creep around outside my apartment unless you want to get shot in a non-lethal area. That's right. I'll keep you alive so you can be raped in prison.)

The downside in my big change is the crazy amounts of side effects that I brushed off as a slim possibility. (When are we going to have birth control without a million evil side effects? Oh yeah, when men start taking it instead.) Needless to say, one of the most treacherous of side effects with the Mirena is weight gain. Yup, birth control is fairly effective when no one will sleep with you. So I ran the hell out of myself tonight, placed myself on a fairly straightforward diet (watch what I eat and don't eat when I'm not hungry), and I be killin em at the gym.

I've been working out fairly religiously for the past few months and have seen some awesome results so far, but in the three weeks I've had the Mirena, I've already seen them start to vanish. I haven't stopped working out hard. Hmmm...

So, if you're considering the Mirena, be prepared to wait a few months before your hormones straighten out and expect to work twice as hard to lose weight or maintain the weight you are at. Bleh.


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