The Quest for the Brown Gold

Coffee is LOVE <3
So I've made everyone wait, mostly because I've been low on fuel. You know, the brown gold, love in a cup, coffee. My reluctant months of working from home [frequently nude] finally came to end. Could you tell I hated it? Probably not, because I knew if I blogged too much during that time, my disdain for what I was doing would leak through loudly. The unfortunate side product of no longer working from home for the [insert expletives] I used to work for meant cutting back on costs which included my caffeine addiction. [insert more expletives]

I found ways to make my online presence free, essentially pay for itself and then some. Woot. At least I was able to continue supporting my internet addiction. And speaking of support, please don't hesitate to click that donate button, even if it's just to drop me a few cents. For real. You'll be buying me a cup of coffee to keep this blog going. No lie.

Honestly, things got tight for a few months and I had to take a part time job to avoid starving to death. [insert rant about the failings of government assistance] Finally, I'm back in office work at least temporarily and though it has served to remind me how jipped I've been at my last two jobs, I've been enjoying my time in air conditioning, wearing business casual, and not having a ceiling leak on me as I attempt to work. (Nor have I been listening to the mindless nagging of the office hoe.) It's been a blessing and a relief, but it was a long time coming.

I've of course been interviewing like crazy in between working hard in the hot, hot sun, and there have certainly been some duds. One I think was just to help someone get a bonus if I got hired, which I surprisingly didn't... however, I think it could be because they could tell I wasn't terribly impressed by the job or the pay. Not to mention I had a terrible time finding a cup of coffee on the way there. Seriously, a stretch of Covington with no coffee shop? No cosy chairs and constant sounds of grinding and brewing? Well crap. I don't know how I could handle a lunch break without the loudly quiet café to escape to. Just saying.

Of course after is when I found the hidden cafe by accident next to the Smoothie King I resigned myself to stopping at. Considering what I saw going in and out looked like they were straight from Jersey Shore (or Chalmette) I'm not sure I'm worried about missing out on that café. And anyway, I discovered the Green Tea Tango with Strawberries and it is delicious. Just like I'm pretty glad I missed out on driving 20-30 minutes to a low paying job in a crowded building.


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