Brace Yourself!

So, the process finally began last Monday with the installation of my very own braces! Soon, I will be sporting straight teeth and a correctly aligned jaw... I hope. I still have gotten NOWHERE with the surgeon's office. They are too lazy to even call my insurance company just to see what my insurance will cover. I'm not getting very good vibes from this place and it is making me think I should start looking in Baton Rouge for a different oral surgeon. Ugh!

I guess it is no different from going to any of the local fast food restaurants and they can't even get a simple order right. Welcome to Southeast Louisiana.
In other news, I've been keeping myself busy with top secret scheming as well as work and school. I've got a minor break on my other blog and have been asked to cover a music series! Yay!

I also rearranged the entirety of my room in order to create a work station so that I may work comfortably from my room, not on my bed. I fall asleep on my bed. I did all of this last Tuesday and I hurt for days after. I'm only just now feeling totally normal in the back area. Ouch!

So far my graduate class is the furthest thing from stressful. It's the kind of work that I can generally do the day it's due and yay for me it's done.

Until next time my cabbage colleagues!


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