The Key to a Smaller Waist is Larger Breasts

I've recently been embarking on the path of becoming a better me. About a year ago, I stood in front of a hotel mirror before heading out to town and didn't recognize me anymore. I'd certainly blossomed into a beautiful woman and red hair certainly suited me quite well, but it wasn't me. I've since shed the red hair, and I certainly miss it, but I'm starting to see little shreds of me again in that mousey brown.

But it isn't just the hair. I saw little shreds of that former glow--the girl that was willing to give anyone a chance and was willing to get to know a stranger and hear their story. Granted, it is prudent to allow some of the caution that I've learned over the years to take hold. I can't completely be that girl anymore. There's a reason she slowly became lost over time! I've since found that balance, however.

I believe some of my regained confidence and overall happiness has come from my submersion in a regular fitness routine. I feel better, I look better.

I've even replaced my underwear. Yep, that's right. All new panties. All new bras. All new adventure. One bra even makes my boobs look two sizes larger. My waist looks ridiculously tiny in comparison. Yes!

And so my changes are predominantly physical, but they make feel good. So good, in fact, I'm ready to tackle grad school with more gusto. I've added another class to my summer schedule and am looking forward to tackling the infamous literary criticism class this coming fall. Yes, Ziba's. I believe I can do it without pulling out too many hairs from my head.

All in all, after two long years, I believe I am finally pulling myself back together after being strategically disassembled. I believe I'm reassembling into a hybrid of all the loving parts of the girl I once was and the wiser parts of the woman I'm gradually becoming.



  1. Anonymous29.5.10

    Very nicely put. :)

  2. Anonymous5.6.10

    haha bon chance with school, but remember an old African proverb "You can eat a whole adult elephant one bite at a time." Don't move to fast or you'll find yourself overwhelmed

  3. No worries, two classes this summer, one is internet! Next semester looks like they are only offering one class that I can take. :)