The Crazy Sets Us Apart and Sometimes Free

At some point or another, we've all played the crazy bitch (or asshole) role. Honestly, I sometimes feel it is a role that should be played more often. Breaking shit is fun!

The cacophony of crashing ceramics or the cling of clashing pans can become the soundtrack to those moments of sanity slowly regained. Granted, the Cabbage is not condoning actually throwing heavy or breakable items at another individual. This could result in physical harm, not just to the thrown object, but to the person thrown at as well.

I, unfortunately, have not exercised my god-given right to be crazy every once in a while nearly enough. I typically despair at the idea of breaking something that may be potentially useful to me later. My one outburst that resulted in breakage, was really more like a controlled demolition.

A couple of years ago, I made a brush with the closest I will ever come to actually being married. (Why you ask? Because it was terrible!) Every day just sucked with him. It was okay for him to have issues controlling his anger, while I was expected to just bottle all of my issues up and set them out to sea. So, after long and careful consideration, I chose a mirror tile that I was just as angry at as him. I wasn't going to break any poor, innocent porcelain figurine! It had not done me wrong...

Those mirror tiles had though. They made me so angry! The mirror tiles had been hung on the wall as a meager attempt at contemporary decoration, and meagerly is an apt description for how well they hung. The apartment that my domestic (hah) boyfriend had insisted on had not been properly cared for or prepared for our habitation. As a matter of fact, the walls had never had more than a basic primer put on them. We found this out the hard way when we used mirror tape/stickers to put up our mirror tiles. Like our relationship, they came crashing down loudly one thing after another.

I'd finally had enough one day. Enough of him and enough of those damned mirror tiles. It was all falling apart so what harm could helping it along do? After yet another hardly-lovers spat, I removed myself to the bedroom where my very angry eyes fell on those damned mirror tiles. "Fuck you, tiles! Your time is up!" There were only about two left on the wall and one of them was about to become very unlucky.

I went after the unlucky tile in a fury that turned into more of a mad scramble. It resisted removal from the wall adamantly. Eventually I was able to pry it loose, pulling a good portion of primer off the wall as well. By this point, destroying the mirror tile had become more procedural than an act of passion.

So, now I have it off the wall. The only thing left to do with it was throw it, and so I did. It cracked into multiple large pieces and left another primer gash in the very same wall. The tile and the wall both deserved what they got and I was completely satisfied with the wreckage. I'd call it a win.

The moral of the story is that sometimes potential energy needs to be transferred into kinetic to avoid an implosion. There are plenty of ways to release those pent up energies without harming anyone. So, if you have the opportunity to let off some steam--do it! It's better for everyone in the long run.

In the meantime, you can check out "Breakin' Dishes" by Rhianna. There's nothing like singing along with someone else's frustrations to let some of it out!


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