The Return of a Hometown Legend

In honor of MUW's Homecoming, The Daily Cabbage will be calling itself The Columbus Cabbage for the weekend. This better not mess up my Google hits, bitches!!!

Okay, no BIG deal if it does. I'll win them back slowly and surely with a lot of SEO love. Go eat cabbage, Google!

Because The Cabbage is so important to me, I actually sprung for a hotel with the extra amenities--like WIFI! This is a first for me. Usually when I visit Columbus, it is more important to me to have a room within stumbling distance of the bars. See how much I love you?

Currently, I'm waiting for my first visit from an old C-town compatriot. After a couple more glasses of moscato, I'm going to try for a trip to the river (in broad daylight) with concealed wine beverages. Ah, yes. Already up to my old tricks again!

The only difference this time around is that I didn't recognize myself in the mirror. Well, I say this time around, but I actually encounter the same issue every time I visit. I don't recognize myself anymore. I don't look like a little girl--a teenager. I look more like a woman. (I'm definitely larger than I was...) It just feels strange. It always startles me. I stop and I say, "Who the fuck is that? I don't remember her name..."

There are others I knew when I was living here that haven't changed a bit. It's almost like they went into a cryogenic freeze when I left. Hell, I almost expect them to still be wearing the exact same outfit they were wearing last time I saw them. Then there are other things that have most definitely changed. Some of those things are for the better, others not so much.

I still mourn the loss of CJ's. I loved the pizza and I loved the drinks even more. It has been replaced by a new pilot bar, Fuhgetaboutit. Fuhgetaboutit is great, I love it too. It's just so much more crowded. CJ's must have had some sort of magic behind it. It was a MUCH smaller bar.

Perhaps that's because when I lived here, people distributed themselves more evenly. I spent most of my nights out in Columbus walking back and forth between bars. I just could never make up my mind where I wanted to settle for the evening because there was a good crowd at all of them!

The last few times I've been up, Zachary's has been almost empty and when there are souls within, they aren't usually the crowd I'm looking for.

It was rumored the party died when I went away. Perhaps it wasn't just a joke after all.

Stay tuned for more Columbus adventures this fine Homecoming weekend.


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