Sandy Toes

I have yet to upload pictures from my weekend trip, but I feel I can not cheat my audience of their eagerly anticipated update any longer. (Yes, I am aware I am kidding myself there!)

In a nutshell, my weekend turned out to be everything I expected and everything I never expected. Most of the people stepped out of their respective cryogenic freezes long enough for me to bump into them. If they weren't wearing the same thing as before, it was definitely something very similar. The few who's style had changed, were still the same on the inside, so all was well. The river was still precisely where I left it. However, to a degree the town felt closed to me.

Life was still going on for all of those around me and I was just stepping in and watching a bit of it. The room I sprung for the WiFi on was great, but as my luck would have it, the pool was closed and the cheaper hotel I normally stayed in had attained WiFi as well. Oh well!

What Columbus offered me this time in exchange for my time there were the following:

  • Discovering new spots along the river walk
  • Meeting new people
  • Lessons that there are, in fact, bad people even in Columbus
  • Hope
As usual, I went home from Columbus believing that tomorrow does hold some brighter possibilities for me. And that's all I'm sharing for now. Stay tuned for pictures from the trip.


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