One Wing Isn't Enough

Unless you want to fly in circles. Or crash. That could probably happen too. Any experts on the matter?

Now that I've amused myself with that tidbit, the real title of today's post: Moms Are People Too!

So, what's with this assumption that all mothers want to settle down? I'm a person too. I've got hopes, dreams, and fears--including one of commitment.

I just seem to run into this a lot. Sure, eventually settling down would be great, but not after going through the gamut and then possibly another gamut just to be on the safe side. I've got twice as much to lose by settling down, so why would I rush into that?

I'm also ridiculously picky and hard to please. Just saying.

However, this just in on flying with one wing:

Israeli Pilot Land Saftly With One Wing - For more funny movies, click here

Test hypothesis proven true under certain conditions; however, additional conditions added for consideration--ability of the pilot and sturdiness of the craft. Thank you, viperflight, for your very important input on this matter.

Remember kids, it's important to have friends in high places. You never know when you'll be flying on one wing.


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