True love is a bullet to the brain.

Often I wonder in the wake of a zombie apocalypse, who would I take down swiftly and who would I need to be mentally prepared to shoot. I then realize that I can't think of a single ex-boyfriend that would require a moment's hesitation. They'd all be shot at the first sign of a bite.

Okay, so maybe I can think of ONE, but that's it. And all he'd get is a moment's hesitation for old time's sake. Maybe a quick, "We were really great together. I'm sorry it has to end this way." BANG!

Several others I would waste a second bullet on just to be sure they are dead. Then, I would decapitate them with a sharpened shovel.

Obviously, I haven't had the best luck in dating or the most stellar suitors. Definitely no Jonathon Rhys Meyers for me.

At least I have my one reliable sidekick. The one person I'd genuinely hesitate to shoot before releasing him from the perpetual undead nightmare--Little C.


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