The News at 10

I feel like I should preface this by saying I don't normally watch the news, but tonight I made an exception.

I sat down to watch Medium with my parents and caught the tail end of a news teaser flashing the name of a blog somewhat familiar to me--Hammond Action News.  Needless to say, I was pretty excited to see a fellow blogger making headlines.  Tuning in was a must.

I was disappointed to discover the headlining was due to a lawsuit against Hammond Action News' genius, Nicholas Brilleaux.  Apparently, Global Wildlife Center (a local wildlife preserve) found a satirical post concerning a giraffe gone wild to be slanderous and harmful.  Supposedly, several concerned citizens and friends of the wildlife center called concerned about the wild giraffe.

I find this to be ludicrous.  The site is clearly satire.  I admit that it is extremely well-written and could easily lend itself to being believable by a complete idiot, but seriously?  If you are a follower of Hammond Action News, I ask that you voice your concern over this clear infringement of freedom of speech.

In other important news, Sean Cummings of New Orleans is saving the day for the estranged prom-goers in Itawamba County.  That is, should the Itawamba County School Board not change its mind about allowing two lesbian students to attend prom together, one wearing a tux.  Sean Cummings has offered to bus the students to New Orleans in order to attend a prom at one of his properties.  This will be entirely at his expense.  And here I thought Ellen would save the day!

Of course, I do not feel this entirely makes up the wrong that the Itawamba County School Board has done these two young girls.

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