I managed to fit in another vigorous walk the other evening.  I'm not sure I enjoy evening walks.  Every shadow was potentially a zombie lurking, waiting for brains.

Yesterday evening, I undid my walk with Tommy's Pizza.  I had a Greek pizza all to myself while far too many prying eyes looked on.  It's needless to say that my luck is terrible.  I'm there on a date, and approximately three other men that I've been on dates with are there at the same time within earshot no less.  FML.

At least the pizza was good and the waitress was a total nut job.

The Real Reason Why Disney Changed Rapunzel to Tangled

For your reading pleasure, I've linked an article that I found more than a bit interesting. What I found mostly interesting was not the article itself, but the comments beneath it.

To sum it up, the article essentially acknowledges the removal of the female from the title of the film.  Typically Disney princess movies name the film after the leading female role... especially since they are based off of fairy tales of the same name.  Disney's newest production, Tangle, should be releasing as Rapunzel, but for unknown reasons they have elected to change the title.  So why did Disney change the title?  Some investigation suggests that the name change is a scheme to appeal to more audiences (such as boys) due their recent box office failure with The Princess and the Frog.

Davis' article never really tackles the answer, merely speculates. However, the ensuing comments were somewhat irking to me.  No one seemed the slightest bit concerned that Disney is taking yet another leap backwards for women.  It's bad enough that though their movies often feature a female protagonist (and long before this became a common feature of films), they did so by placing her in a position of needing saving.  They made a tremendous leap forward with Mulan and their continued success could easily be linked to the growing autonomy of their female leads.  Perhaps The Princess and the Frog failed not because of the female-centric lead, but due to taking several leaps back with racial and regional stereo-typing.  Of course it failed.

So now their solution is to devalue the female role further by removing a female name from the title of a film?  Smart.  The fact that no one sees the issue in this... Appalling.

I'm not even going to start on the fact that the major theme of The Princess and the Frog was that a hard-working, intelligent, black female could not gain financial independence without the help of a Prince Charming.

Rapunzel should be Rapunzel.  Though Davis found no fault (merely curiosity), I do find some fault in the title and all it implies.  Is it too much to have a strong female lead and let the movie be named after her as well???



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