Speculating on Shadows

I'm on day two of my daily walk.  I'm getting something in daily at least.  We'll see how long this lasts.

I can honestly say I've had better walks in better walking spots.  The little circle around the park is certainly no riverwalk.  The only water is a man-made cesspool intended to resemble a pond as well as a grotesque cooley.  I'd say there are probably snakes in it, but the water is so entirely wretched that if one bit me I'd probably gain super powers rather than die.  (Some theories, of course, should always remain as such.)

Despite my continued comparisons to better spots, I did manage a good walk which allowed for me to truly clear my head.  Here I immortalize some of those thoughts that occurred in a clear mind:
  • I should possibly attempt creative writing again sometime in the near future en masse.  First chapter to be entitled "Escape From the Trailer."  No idea how to escape yet.  There will be guns though and possibly a sharpened shovel.
  • Why do people not walk more?  Rather than blowing themselves up in cars for a good hit, why not go for a nice walk?  Even if you smoke and walk, the worst that could happen is maybe you get a little hot ash on you.  Oh, darn.  You'll live another day...
  • I am beyond ecstatic to not have a crappy job.  The break-up initially seemed to be one sided and harsh, but it's okay because it's not you, it's me.  I'm too damned good for you, honey.
  • I need regular...  I'll save that for another day and another blog.
So, that's where some of my thoughts went.  Tomorrow will be another walk and another blog, glass of water willing.


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