The Fourth, The Fifth

Rufus, how do I let you know what's going on below?

To add to my infinite number of current frustrations, my car has begun making a strangely constant noise while running.  My somewhat educated (for a girl that is) diagnosis is that it needs the oil changed.  I will have to find time to fit this into my schedule as my previous timeline for this task to occur was disrupted.  I'm hoping it doesn't break before that happens.

I looked up how to change my oil online.  I'm thinking investing in myself enough to learn how to complete this task would be a worthwhile investment.  I can then whore out my ability to change oil to friends who don't know how.  I'll start Brandi's School of Oil Change for Silly Girls and Dumb Boys. said the task falls under "moderately challenging."  So, I believe I can handle a task that is less than challenging, right?  (I'm mostly just trying to convince myself at this point.)

I suspect that changing my own oil will be a far more rewarding experience than writing this paper that is far from complete...


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