I'm slow at two things: posting and running.

So, anyone who has kept up with my blog for a while (or if you've just read back over old posts) know that I'm pretty set on staying physically fit. I like to be the best me that I can be. (Thus braces and surgery.) I started running and working out last year to try to tone up and lose some of the flub I had going around the middle. My efforts were met with success and I finally met my goal weight of 125lbs about two months ago. However, one of my goals wasn't just to meet a certain weight, but to be in the kind of physical shape that I could participate in athletic events, namely 5k runs.

I ran through most of high school and maintained my running habits through college (therefore also maintaining a tiny waistline despite childbirth), but after I returned to LA the food tasted a lot better and the areas supportive of running habits is limited. There are a lot of great running spots in New Orleans and Baton Rouge, but once you get out of the metros sidewalks are sparse and you gotta know where to go. It took me a while, but I've got a routine and slowly but surely I've been working at returning to my past physical abilities. Quite frankly, I'm still a long way from being there.

Just over the past few months, my running (always right when I'm hitting a breakthrough point) have been interrupted with a broken wrist and then my jaw surgery! I've only started running again about 2.5 weeks ago, but I participated in my very first 5k this weekend and wanted to share. I will definitely be doing more, and I will definitely be keeping up my running until I can be proud of my accomplishments! Check out my vlog below discussing my first 5k and some updates on my recovery:


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