Stalled Yet Again

This is what riding in my car feels like...
Of course I've been failing in delivering leafy goodness yet again. I'm just now reaching a point where I can type more easily (and without pain), so here I am. After getting my surgery pushed back with no known date, I finally was able to get a date set for January 31st. Needless to say, that got pushed back as well.
First it was pushed back a full two weeks until February 14th, but someone must have taken pity on me and moved it up a week to the 7th. Ultimately, I'm still pushed up a week. I should be having surgery tomorrow, but am not. I'm not sure how well I'll be able to cope if my surgery gets bumped yet again. I've been hanging out since mid-December with surgical posts on my braces. No, they're not very comfortable.

It seems as though I can never actually move forward. Needless to say my car hardly could this morning. It was unable to accelerate, and once I reached the desired speed it struggled with maintaining the speed and galloped like a pony on the highway. Yeehaw... or not.

I've been needing to buy a new car, but the purchase has been continuously delayed as each time I finally accumulate funds, they get depleted in some manner. I have ridiculous medical bills now associated with my broken wrist. I'm not sure why my insurance only paid at 80% rather than simply billing me a copay associated with an ER visit. Yes, I know I need to check into this, and I will trust me, but in the meantime I'm staring at a huge bill.

My car itself seems to continuously be guzzling gas like it's crack. As we know, crack's an expensive habit, and my car is costing me there. Prior to that, I had a jerk cop get a wild hair up his ass to pull me over and write me a ticket for 'running a stop sign.' I didn't actually run a stop sign. As a matter of fact, the stop sign he pulled me over at was the only stop sign I had encountered aside from the one before I turned right onto the street. I'm incredibly certain that I didn't Tokyo Drift my way on to General Pershing in my flashy mid-sized sedan. Thanks, jerk, for costing me my entire first paycheck from Huntington.

And so now I'm looking at yet more costs associated with repairing my car while I guzzle gas and miles driving to and from NOLA for appointments and surgeries that never seem to happen. I'm really about done with spinning on this hampster wheel of life. I'm more ready to roll in a tire down a hill, assuming my wheels ever get rolling again.



  1. IF your car is running bad and guzzling gas it may be an oxygen sensor.

  2. Hi Bobby! I got my car fixed today and it turned out to be Mass Air Flow Sensor and a Catalytic Converter (sp?). Hopefully I have no more issues until I can save and buy a new car.