I Like to LARF!

Trying to stand up straight.
I really just like saying LARF a lot. Seriously, I giggle every time. True story. Despite delays associated with finding the USB cord in order to transfer pictures from my digital camera to my computer, you are finally getting the promised update regarding the Louisiana Renaissance Fair. (Hey, I never said which Wednesday you'd have it by.)

I attended said fair with two local friends, their buddy from Denham Springs, and my buddy from Baton Rouge. I arrived shortly before said friends and was instantly drawn into a clothing store. (Go figure, right?) I was already getting a wee bit too warm in the outfit I had selected. Long sleeves and boots are a great idea when it actually stays cold, but no. Louisiana weather is more fickle than a drunk, teenage girl on prom night. So, some of my motivation was to shed layers... Ultimately, I ended up shedding way more than I intended. Personally, I think red and black are flattering colors on me, so I stuck with what I knew as every girl should.

Initially, I felt a little bit self conscious in my outfit since I went from forest maiden in jeans to a girl whose purpose in life is to make it hail. That's right, you throw coins at gypsies--not dollars.

Said fair would not nearly be the exciting festival of ye olde without partaking in a pint or two, and so we all made it our business to find a serving wench. Said wench was friendly and generous with the pints. That's how a great day gets started. I did, however, notice somewhat ironically that the wine being served at LARF was the exact same wine you get at strip clubs. However, rather than the wine being taken out of the plastic cup with a lid, I found a young man with a knife to cut holes in my lid. Yes, I had a wine sippy cup. There's more shame in spilling good wine than sipping it through a wee lil' hole.

Of course, this made my later challenge somewhat difficult as was documented below:

Hopefully, this never becomes the standard sobriety test. Fail, fail, fail!

Needless to say, I was no longer self conscious of the gypsy/belly dancer costume, and I had a really great time. Hopefully, we will be attempting to attend LARF one more time before the season ends. I will admit, it's no Texas RenFest for those of you who have been there, but I'll still have a good time in my newly acquired costume with fairies, wenches, and knights.


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