Because You Just Love It When I'm Bored

So, not much is happening in the world of cabbage. Hell, I even made a video blog about a week ago and never bothered to add it to my actual blog page. How friggin lazy is that? I've still got only 300 words toward my NaNoWriMo. So much for living up to my potential! I did actually manage to mop my kitchen floor, and I made my son fold my towels. That's what we make children for, right? The best part was how proud he was of how well he can fold. I was proud too. He did something his mother never does!

As you'll learn from my latest vlog, my surgery date is fast approaching. If you're lucky, I'll load a vid afterwords so you can see me looking like a beaten chipmunk. Then, I'll load a vid of me looking like the hot, sex kitten I'll be when it's all done. Really, I'll wear a cat costume and purr like a stripper. Hah, no, I didn't get that backwards.

My birthday is actually going to be this weekend and it will most likely be my last hoorah before I booze-hound myself to sleep in order to escape the infinite pain I'll be suffering. I'll probably post a lot more as well because I'll be unable to bitch verbally. Sorry! You're stuck with me.

And without any further ado, here's the almost long-lost vlog:


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