The Sunday Sing-Along Is Back, But Only Just a Little Bit.

Personally, I'm a rather big fan of Lykke Li and the original version of this song is my all time favorite love song (of sorts). When I discovered the remix with Drake, I was honestly expecting it to ruin a good thing, but remarkably I found the song even more compelling.

Lykke Li rocks this song for me because you don't just feel her hesitation in her words, but in the tone and rhythm of the song itself. Drakes vocals mirror her softness and hesitance, while giving a little more background to their personal story. Despite making the song more about an affair, I can still strangely relate. It's a relationship that isn't supposed to be more than what it is, a fling, but they are both finding themselves drawn to each other.

And of course, they are scared of ruining what they have.

The song is pretty, it's pervasive, and you'll find it stuck in your head all day every day. At least I do, just a little bit.


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