The Girl and the City

As my surgery date draws nearer and nearer, I've begun to anticipate it more and more. Initially, I started experiencing more fear than I had a year ago when I first began the process of working toward orthognathic surgery, but now I've come full circle to excitement. I think I may be more excited than I was initially knowing that in just a few months I'll go through a bit of pain (well, a lot of pain), but will come out with a healthier future ahead of me as well as a better looking profile. How can I not be excited?

There was a tidbit of sadness that I have no one to share my excitement with, no one to look forward to the new, super-hot me, but then I said fuck it. I've estimated that in less than a year if I continue to work out, tan, and follow through with all my orthodontic procedures, I will look like a rock star. That's right. A total rock star and anyone missing the boat can't board after it sets sail.

I had a lot of time to really think about where I want to be physically in one year as I walked around the gorgeous city of New Orleans following my appointment last week. Needless to say, that walk in and of itself helped me sweat out insane amounts of toxins and probably gave me a little more color on the skin. Simply becoming more active makes such a major difference in physique, and it is something I definitely plan to increase in the coming year. Even if it's just a walk.

I already go for a semi-regular runs at night which are becoming easier and easier each week. Gym time is going by faster, which means it's time to crank it up again. Of course all this activity that gets me outdoors and doing wonders for my skin tone and I just have to keep it up some in the gym tanning bed. You'd also be surprised to hear I've been cranking up on cleaning my apartment recently. Yes, that's right. Messy me is spreading her awesome to the surrounding bubble of her apartment. There are good things ahead for me. I know it, I feel it.


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