When the Block Strikes

I always have great ideas about what I'm going to post next while I'm driving and forget those ideas once the car comes to a stop. Seems to be how it works, and go figure that it is difficult to jot down said ideas while driving. Such is life!

I've been trying to concentrate on writing my last paper for this semester, but as usual my mind is clogged with a million other things. Switching to part time work had alleviated much of these distractions, but it seems new ones clamored in to take the place of the old ones. Right now, I'm slightly disappointed that I have not heard back from a job (part time) that I was really interested in and would have solved a lot of my financial problems. I'm also disappointed by my last encounter with the opposite sex. Yes, I have actually begun dating again (thus new distractions).

Though my last try at making a human connection with a male of my species seems to have flopped, I suppose I can't complain. I'm suddenly more interested in being me again. I'm suddenly more interested in leaving behind my virtual world and re-entering the real one. Nothing is as bad as it seemed. No regrets are to be had other than it never went further than a few dates.

I seriously have very little in the way of snark to share about it! I mean sure, I could definitely come up with a few things. (Like arrogance!) But honestly, what I gained from a drop of male attention was enough to send me flying back into dating and socializing and to remind me how much I enjoy doing those things.

My current part time job has done plenty to help me start getting back into shape, and I actually went for a run a few days ago. It was hell, but I'll keep at it until I make it. Despite the misery my last job left me in, it really seems that how things are now are coming together for the best and leading me in a much better and much more determined direction. I hadn't even realized how miserable I had become until I wasn't anymore. I feel healthier, I look healthier, I actually have a libido again.

Now to get past my writer's block, finish my final paper, and figure out what I'm going to do if the job I want doesn't call me back. I'm sure I'll figure something out.


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