Typing in the Nude

It wasn't like that.
So the beauty of working from home? Most likely the deliciousness that is my writing is brought to you fresh and from me in the nude. Why dress if no one sees me? Doh! Granted this has created a problem on more than one occasion that I've had someone banging on my door and I'm scrambling to find clothes before they leave. Oops. I guess if it's truly important they'll come back right? I doubt very seriously I've missed Ed McMahon at my doorstep with a check. (Especially since he's dead. I think I'm glad I've missed that call if I have.)

In other news, I cashed out about $100 last month from a 'video game.' I haven't even launched my little online business yet. That was just from me farting around. Not kidding. So if you're reading this and I pitched you the idea of joining me in online entrepreneurship--Too Late! I fully expect to have everything on the market by next month and I foresee much larger sums coming in. I actually suspect I'll be able to work very little in conjunction with the income. I've been learning Photoshop and getting together my product posters and site banner for my shop. I'm pretty excited. I do need to redo a texture for the delivery box that looks a bit more professional, but that's all to come. It doesn't have to be perfect to start, just functional.

Ah, music. I've been finding a lot of great new songs and rediscovering some old--like Ladytron. Mmm. Delicious. Not to mention it amuses me every time I hear a station playing a song for the first time, but I've been airing it online for about six months. Kind of makes me feel special. Just a little bit. You know, ahead of the musical curve. ::cough:: Natalia Kills ::cough:: Not new. Just undiscovered.

Anyway... I'm supposed to be writing a paper... Oh lawdy. Story of my life.


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