It was really a nice thought and all.

Finally I've escaped madness long enough to update and keep my readers up-to-date on my thoughts. Occasionally breaking through my thoughts of Rousseau, Gosse, and Joyce, are thoughts of meaning, specifically my own. Regular readers know I separate what I mean to me and what I mean to others. I draw a well defined line between myself and others. That line functions admirably as a great wall, keeping me in and others out.

I continue to have difficulty interesting myself in relationships, romantic and none, with others. Allowing someone to cross that line means they must accept what I mean to me or else I must accept what I mean to them. There seems to be no compromise on this point. To me, I am the central subject of my life, my life revolves around me. This seems, to me, to be common sense--natural. To others, I'm simply an object present in their own stage play, fully attainable by worldly means. I'm not sure if being viewed as fully attainable makes me an object to them or if being an object renders me being fully attainable.

I continue to find myself disappointed with samples of what this region has to offer. They are all here for fodder, blog fodder. So expect soon a continuation of recent adventures in dating. For real. There will be an update soon.


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