Thanks for All the Fish

Or maybe I should be saying I'm sorry. Despite grand plans and massive amounts of work to bring The Cabbage to where it is now, I haven't been keeping it up. Gawd!

I began my second semester of grad school just a couple of weeks ago and have discovered I have definitely overbooked myself for the summer. I'm still maintaining forty hours of work a week while taking six hours of summer intensified graduate classes. I'm ready to rip my hair out! Well maybe not. Not after I've finally started to get a little length on it again.

Of my two classes, one is certainly engulfing the other. I am constantly reading and writing, and some of it is the most boring crap I've ever encountered. I'd rather write a manual on how to watch paint dry.

 So, I am essentially maintaining a  precarious balancing act between school and work, sanity and insanity. Dating has finally taken the backseat that it deserves in my life and I have already told more than one suitor I'd rather read Augustine. It's about damn time I get it straight!

So that's the update on my life recently and hopefully I'll pump out a review and a sing-along each week without too much trouble soon. I'm slowly but surely getting my game plan together to have it all.


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