A Room with a View and a Jacuzzi

Initially, my plans for Memorial Day weekend were fairly low-key. A college friend and pledge sister of mine currently resides on the Gulf Coast of Mississippi and belongs to the local civic choir. To kick off the weekend the choir was to be performing along with the Gulf Coast Symphony right on the beach as the sun would have been setting. (Fireworks were intended to occur as well.)

My mother, after much coercion, agreed to watch Conley for the night and I was excited for this one evening away and on the beach--drinking wine and watching fireworks on the beach. However, my plans became significantly improved.

A current co-worker and friend had good fortune blow her way in the form of three rooms at an upscale casino and hotel for the entire weekend. She was more than generous in letting me stay in one of those three rooms! How could I possibly say no?

So, off I drove on Saturday with big night time beach plans and packed for a whole 3-day weekend of fun. (I think I wore a swimsuit the entire weekend...) Unfortunately, the performance was rained out, but the wine tasted just as good indoors as it would have outdoors and I experienced Chat Roulette for the first time in the company of friends. I am now convinced all men measure in man inches. Needless to say, laughter ceased infrequently and in short spurts.

After retrieving Lil C from the halfway point between my hotel and home, we suited up and hit the beach hard with endless hours of enjoyment planned and achieved. (He was even more amazed by the room than I was. He'd never seen anything like it.) I got some color and got to wear my "daytime swimsuit." (Old Navy had a fabulous sale on swimsuits, so... I now have a night time swimsuit and a day time swimsuit with coordinating covers.)

It was almost too hard to go home we had so much fun. I enjoyed countless hours of relaxation and for a few days got to pretend I still live in Mississippi. It was beautiful. The only thing that could have made it just a smidgen better would have been that one special person to share it with...


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