The Cabbage Review: Landing Gear Equipped

After a weekend full of revelry, we bring you one very important lesson. Always keep your landing gear well maintained and well equipped. If you expect to do a lot of traveling and potentially a lot of landing, the landing gear is exceptionally important!

The general idea of this exceptional weekend was to have a lot of fun with my son and a lot of fun for mommy time. I was able to achieve both goals. On the way to Pensacola, I stopped for a great time in the Edgewater Mall with a great friend. We wondered around and chatted and browsed, catching up and having a good time.

By the time we arrived in Pensacola, it was nearly time for Mommy time to start! I have unfortunately had an amazing pair of skankilicious shoes that I have been unable to find the right outfit and venue with which to wear them. This weekend, the perfect outfit was found and plenty of good venues as well. It was a great time to be had by all!

Random Related Anecdote: While having a great time drinking Blue Hawaiians in Flounders, one of the many men to approach me and pay me quite sincere compliments showed a remarkable display of honesty. According to him, my shoes were quite hot and brought attention to the wonderful physique of the landing gear. If he took me home, everything else would come off, but the shoes would have to stay on. Thank you, random honest guy.

After having a great night at the many beach bars in Pensacola, Sunday came with torrential rains that never seemed to lift. Little C was terribly disappointed that "we came all this way for nothing." So, on our way home I promised him that when the rain lifted, we would stop. I was really hoping it would lift around Mobile so I could take him down and show him Mobile Bay. He had already had a chance to see the Gulfport beach briefly on the way in.

Strangely enough, not only did the clouds clear, but the sun began to peak through right around Biloxi! C was incredibly excited and I took the appropriate exit to bring him down for some beach time.

We spent about an hour playing in the sand and splashing in the shallows. This time, one-on-one with mommy, made C incredibly happy and mommy as well. I honestly think this might have been the best part of the whole trip. Once we finished up at the beach we stopped in for a quick hello/goodbye with our friends before carrying onwards home.

Random Related Note: The appropriate accessories to your landing gear is always unique to your situation. Sometimes, the appropriate accessory is none:

The rest of the way back was filled with great conversations with old friends with lots of catching up. The Cabbage may even be taking this show to California before long! Stay tuned for details.

And The Cabbage highly recommends Gulfport and Pensacola to anyone looking for a quick get-away.


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