They Came to Get Crunk in the Name of God

Sunday's usual movie review post is being replaced today with a review of Ponchatoula's own Strawberry Festival.

There were strawberries everywhere and I even had the  proud honor to witness a float branded with the words, "Don't bruise the berries in your life." Considering the overall religious theme, I'm guessing it was a poor play on the phrase "pop your cherry."

Unfortunately the parade sightings do not end there. Completely breaking from the strawberry theme was Batman cajoling with his enemies, Two-face, Scarecrow, and The Riddler.

Way to destroy my faith in the vigilante crime fighting system. Obviously it is all just a publicity stunt. Regardless, I still wish I could have gotten my picture taken with the masked crusader of justice.

It's also a really good thing that I actually like the Ying Yang Twins because they played "Halftime (Stand Up & Get Crunk)" on about every other float.

They wanted to be sure we knew "Saints are good." I guess they wanted to be able to use the same float another year when the Saints/Aints are just barely fulfilling the requirements of "good."

However, in the midst of the crunk-ness and accessibility of strawberry daiquiris and wine at every other booth, there was a constant reminder not to forget the Lord amidst this day of revelry and unholiness.

Just in case I forgot... No worries though, because I didn't forget a thing!

I never go to a festival without a bottle of my very own religion!

Regardless, the parade was still a hoot. Everyone in attendance was offered a free bible, and for those that missed out on the first round--they left a couple of stacks behind:

I'm actually not sure if the stack by the flag was one left behind by the group or just where everyone stacked their unwanted Bibles. Either way, the placement was priceless.

I have to say the Strawberry Festival was actually a lot of fun as long as you bring your sense of humor with you. I certainly plan to attend next year providing I don't have to hide with C from hordes of religious zombies in the Zipper Cage:

This brought to you by your local CandidCabbage. Until next time!


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