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Honestly, I've been waiting a while to get this one in from Netflix. I typically love zombie movies and the only thing better than a scary zombie movie is a funny one. Shaun of the Dead sets the standard for the zombiedy and I anticipated Zombieland being on par.

I was surprisingly disappointed. Zombieland had the feel of Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist with a bunch of zombies thrown in. (I didn't like Nick and Norah that much by the way.) I believe Zombieland will appeal to lovers of Indie flicks, but doesn't do zombie lovers many favors.

I will say some of the kills are creative, but not creative enough to save it from an "Eh" from me.

Rob Tapert and Sam Raimi (and that other guy who isn't as important) never let me down. They brought us Xena, Hercules, and Legend of the Seeker. Now, they do a girl a really big favor and bring her gladiators with gratuitous ass, balls, and penis shots. There's plenty of tits for the boys too. I have to say I love the opening disclaimer about the massive amounts of sex and violence you're about to view in order to suggest an accurate portrayal of Roman society.

In regards to the content, it will hold you riveted. You follow Spartacus from his beginnings in Thrace to his and his wife's capture and enslavement in Rome. Will he and his wife be reunited? Will he become the Champion of Capua? How many times can they say Jupiter's cock in one episode? Not to mention the 300-like blood splatters...

Jupiter's cock--YES!

I've recently finished the fifth season of Weeds and I'm eagerly anticipating the sixth. The fourth season left Nancy on precarious terms with her drug lord, mayor boyfriend and fifth continues to drive home her uncomfortable spot. Just as we think her family is falling apart, they pull together with the exception of Uncle Andy.

I found the sudden explosion of love for Nancy from Andy to be a little forced and almost seemed like they were reaching for a new angle. Honestly, there were enough angles that this new one wasn't really necessary. However, I still don't care for Nancy's new husband. He's just too el macho for such an entrepreneuring woman.

Nancy, please pull through in the sixth season and show him who really wears the pants in drug dealing.

For fans of Repo: The Genetic Opera, be prepared for disappointment. It's flattering that Hollywood tried so hard to mimic the cult success of Repo, but it was arrogant to think they could deviate so far from the plot along with a total cop-out of an ending and be successful. I love Jude Law, but I'm not even going to waste my time searching for a picture on this one.

Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog
At first I was a bit skeptical, but I enjoy The Guild immensely and of course enjoyed the overtures of Repo. Felicia Day always has my vote! So, I decided to check out Dr. Horrible when Netflix suggested it.

I've already watched it twice in the past couple days as well as exposed C to its awesomeness. (He voted nay, but I'm not sure he's quite old enough to appreciate it yet.) Up until the end, C was actually enjoying it. Without spoiling the ending, I will say the it is somewhat unexpected and a smidgen depressing.

The musical numbers will get stuck in your head and you can't help but root for Dr. Horrible to succeed. However, at what cost will Dr. Horrible get what he wants?


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