Two Yellow Cars Crossing

Well, I suppose I should begin by apologizing for being less than daily.  As you can see though, I have begun putting a more serious effort into my blog and have given a whole new look.  (It no longer looks like I just threw some crap together!)  If you look to the right of your screen, you will find that you can now follow me on Twitter (as well as read my latest updates), share a post with Facebook, and follow me via RSS.  I've also included links to some of my favorite sites as well as links to my LastFM profile and DeviantArt.  (Not to mention my About Me section has improved significantly, but still needs work.)

I nearly forgot I've added a Ping Box!!!  You can IM me right from this page.

Perhaps all of the work I have put into this will impel me to be more regular with posts.  I think my lack of regularity is becoming the theme of this blog...

I need to get regular in all aspects of life.  I have no rituals, no habits, nada.  I just do things as they seem like a good idea.  Sure this leads to some level of daily spontaneity, but that isn't necessarily always a good thing. defines spontaneity as "careless disregard for consequences."  That doesn't sound particularly positive to me.  Perhaps it is time to create some daily habits.

With some daily habits and good financing, I could afford the apartment I desire!

Anyway, until next time.


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