It's only as smart as the end user...

So I've been suffering from a severe case of computer stupidity for the past couple of days. Usually, I'm fairly efficient with the magic box. Not this week.

It starts with my near panic that the fairly new scanner/faxer/copier/printer has ceased working. How am I going to print fancy envelopes if the printer stops working?!
The problem seemed localized to the scan function and after fiddling with the contraption for nearly an hour I asked for the necessary assistance.  After fiddling and restarting and fiddling again for about five to ten minutes, we discovered that the Save As window was opening behind the printer's productivity studio making it seem as if the program was freezing.  FAIL.

Later, I'm asked to print a document, but I can't seem to find it anywhere in our information management client. After seeking assistance, it is determined that I needed to click "next page" in order to find the uploaded document... FAIL.

At least I got a win in getting my new domains to work. WTG. Me - 1; Computers - 2

I'll be keeping score for at least a couple of more days.