I Have Two Cats, One In Exile

The other has received the boot as well.

So, I've lived in a string of no pets apartments with two brief pet-friendly interludes. Cottonball, previous to exile, did live with me during one of those brief interludes, but was promptly returned to my parents' house on departure from the pet friendly (but not owner friendly) abode.

Cottonball is renowned for his ability to puke up anything on anything. A trailer with carpet throughout would be a haven for no one with him residing. It was also another no pets allowed tenancy as well. That is until the small guests started living with me.

I considered many rodent ridding options, but the most effective involved poison. (I could easily envision a pale faced four year old sprawled lifeless on the floor with a poison tablet in each hand. "One for me and one for mommy!") Other options considered included traditional traps ("MOMMY! It has my FINGER!!!"), glue traps ("Look, Mommy. I made a project."), and the humane trap ("How do I get Mr. Potato back out?").

I could imagine more than a few possibilities with each option and my mind settled on the most natural way to rid your home of rodents--a cat. Consider this my way of going green.

I had been wanting a "real" cat for some time. Cottonball was a bit of a priss and absolutely no help around the house. I needed a cat that would be serious about being a cat. So, I had a talk with C and he concurred that having a cat would be great. (That's my little yes man!) Of course, the conversation entailed more than me just asking a four-year-old if mommy could have a cat. I explained this cat would be serious. It would have claws and teeth and know how to use them.  Imagine his surprise at the thought of a cat biting or scratching him! Ultimately, he did get the idea and in the year we have had Oatmeal, he has never been bitten or scratched. (I have been.)

Oatmeal has turned out to be a very gentle, patient, and loving kitty. She's everything a woman should be. She's a ferocious mouse hunter and a fabulous cuddler. While Oatmeal was earning the privilege to be snuck into the the no-pets carpeted trailer, Cottonball was earning the quick boot to the garage.  Before you get riled up about animal rights, Cottonball has an entire enclosed section of the garage (larger than my my bedroom) with a window unit.  He does not get too hot, nor too cold. The worst thing he's gotten out there was fleas when a neighbor cat snuck into his territory.

So, I guess that's the life you lead when you're an old, ornery Persian. He protests almost daily while poor Oatmeal lives quietly outside in the sweltering sun because she is not allowed inside at the new residence. That's the life you lead when you're a loyal tabby. Eventually their lives will be sorted out. Hopefully Cottonball will find a new, more loving home and Oatmeal will inherit her rightful spot as honored family cat.


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