Sneaky Research and No Duh Epiphanies

Thanks to my lack of transportation, I have not been so active in attempting to access the library.  I was able to snag a ride courtesy of an outstanding suitor.  (This one and the same suitor also provided change to print the last few pages of an article since I had miscalculated what I had left in lagniappe.)  I also discovered that I overestimated the number of prints I am allotted for this semester and have already used half!  I have never made such a dent in my print allowance.

Needless to say this provoked me to consider other means of acquiring much needed information for my annotated bibliography (which of course ties in with my research).

The method I determined to utilize involved searching academic databases for potentially useful articles and e-mailing them to my work address.  I did also find several websites which I saved as a PDF and e-mailed to my work address as well.  Approximately once an hour I sent an article over to the printer in an attempt at discretion.  I'm not sure how successful I actually was, but I have all of the documents I need (despite some low ink issues on my last few prints...).

I was fairly excited to  begin reading some of these articles as I felt certain they would aid me in my grand design to build a blog worth reading.

Honestly, most of the tips were common sense.  I know not to make my blog private if I want readers.  I know I need to publicize my blog as much as possible.  I also know staying on topic generally helps any writing, blog or otherwise!  So where's the information I didn't know?  Is climbing the hierarchy of blogs a pipe dream after all?

So here it is.  I have chosen my blogging platform.  I have a date and time stamp on my posts, and I attempt to post daily.  It is The Daily Cabbage after all.  Come on readers!


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